Reinventing the wheel

Reinventing The Wheel

In the 1990's it was impossible to picture what the web would become by the year 2016. Nobody could have imagined bootstrap, JQuery, VueJS, Angular, React, mobile apps, and all the other cool things we have today.

As a result of this lack of foresight, early conceptual mistakes make today's browsers to look like a collection of patches and hacks. Furthermore, features are endlessly being added to the stack, leading to complex architectures, bottlenecks and an environment that's barely hackable. Browsers were clearly not designed with application development in mind.

The Opposite Direction

The simple solution was to strengthen the good parts, redesign the bad parts and, break the frontiers between the "world of native applications" and the "web world," for good. nidium is a first attempt to reduce the gap between both worlds.

To spearhead the initial step toward this challenging yet exciting goal, we are proud to introduce nidium engine. We hope it will become the basis for up-and-coming innovation and success stories.

We made it for engineers, coders, hackers, application designers, and people who want to experiment with new concepts.

Focusing on mobile

nidium current development is focused on shipping to the major mobile operating systems (Android, iOS and, Windows Phone).

How does nidium interoperate with existing JavaScript libraries?

When possible, we try to stick as close as possible to web standards, but don't expect nidium to run most JS libraries out of the box. However, nidium is able to load and play with popular libraries such as:

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