Hello World

Your first application

During the development, the "entry point" of your application is a .nml file. An nml file is just a bunch of XML tags expressing two main things :

  • The Meta data of your application (default window size, window title, unique identifer, and so on)
  • The layout of your application.

While the structure of an NML file might give you the impression that you could use HTML tags, it does not work that way. Nidium is not a browser and does not support HTML/CSS.


        <title>Hello Nidium</title>
            console.log("Hello Nidium !");

Running on macOS

The .nml extention should be recognized by your system. Just double click it.
The JavaScript console.log() output is redirected to the console (open using cmd+d).

Running on GNU/Linux

The nidium binary accepts a nml file as first argument : $ ./nidium <file.nml>
The JavaScript console.log() output is redirected to stdout.

Running the nidium binary without argument will just open a window with a default empty screen (just like opening an empty window on your browser).

Building and distributing your application

Once you're ready to distribute your application, you'll need to build an actual executable out of your nidium development files.

That's it, building your app will generate a binary file (including nidium runtime) hidding all the nidium related things.

Application bulding is not yet implemented