Built from scratch

Nidium is not NodeJS, QT, Chromium, or a WebKit derivate. It helps you create graphical softwares with JavaScript.
It has been designed from scratch and has a small codebase written in C++.

Hardware accelerated Graphics

Nidium exposes two well known API : WebGL and 2D canvas. Next to that it also has exclusive features like shader post processing.

Cutting-edge media engine

With Nidium you get low-latency and glitch free digital signal processing, thanks to a threaded model. There's also video support out of the box.

High performance asynchronous I/O

Nidium communicates with servers and other clients very efficiently. There's even Nidium Server for your high performance networking application.


Nidium offers a simple and powerful API to create specific features. You can build C++ modules and expose new API to JavaScript with ease.

Do more with Nidium

  • Canvas Compositing & Layering
  • Socket Client & Server (TCP & UDP)
  • Embedded Key/Value Store
  • Threads, System Notifications
  • Native WebSocket Client & Server
  • Dynamic Markup Language
  • Advanced Drag & Drop Support
  • File & Stream
  • And much more...

Open source MIT license

Nidium is a playground for experimenting new technologies and API.
We've made our best effort to keep it simple, embeddable and extendable.

Show me the code

Why Nidium?

As developers we always missed something to quickly build cross-platform applications and games that have access to native features.

New approach

Nidium is a fresh look at writing softwares with JavaScript.


Get access to specific OS/platform API straight from JavaScript.


Nidium aims to support a large number of devices.

Have any question?

Feel free to join us on IRC or check the FAQ for any question regarding Nidium. We're also on Stackoverflow if you need help.

Still hesitant?

Go through our guides to see more code samples and read our 5 min getting started guide.