Nidium helps you create powerful and cross-platform mobile apps using modern JavaScript and markup language.

        app: {
            alignItems: 'center',
        btn: {
            width: "90%"
    <layout class="app">
        <img style="" src="nidium.png"/>
        <button class="btn">
            Hello nidium

A powerful rendering engine for modern mobile applications. Get results in seconds on multiple platforms with our complete ecosystem.

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It's no native, it's no webview, it's a rendering engine.

Unlike many solution, nidium doesn't rely on webviews or native OS widgets. Instead, it uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw custom widgets
  • Independant from blink, webkit or any browser
  • OpenGL Backend: Pixel Perfect Rendering
  • Native Modules for low level interaction
  • Modular UI Components
  • Post Processing GLSL Fragment Shaders
  • Compositing and Layout Engine (flexbox)

How nidium compares
to other solutions ?

Do more with nidium

  • Networking
    UDP & TCP socket, HTTP, WebSocket (Client and Server)
  • System Integration
    FileSystem, Threads, Native Modules
  • Audio & Video
    Threaded audio engine for glitch-free playback
  • Graphics
    Canvas (2D), WebGL (3D), UI Components

We care for Developer Experience

Reinventing the wheel with the help of amazing projects