Introducing A New Breed Of Browser Engine

Nidium helps you create and run never seen before JavaScript applications in minutes.

Everything is over accelerated, giving you a fast and responsive, pixel perfect rendering.


Introducing Nidium

In the 1990's it was impossible to picture what the web would become by the year 2014. Yes, it was strictly impossible to imagine bootstrap, jquery, nodejs, mobile apps and all the other cool things we have today.

As a result of this ignorance, conception mistakes were made causing today's browsers to look like a collection of patches and hacks. Features were added endlessly on the stack, leading to complex architectures and bottlenecks. Browsers were clearly not created for application development.

Hidden Complexity

Nidium is the first attempt to handle what's coming: the fusion of desktop applications, mobile applications and next-generation webapps.

Hello World

Nidium is so simple to use that you can create apps in minutes. Edit your javascript, add your stylesheet and that's it.

<application version="0.2">
        <title>My Application</title>
        <description>Such a great description</description>
        <author>Company Inc.</author>
        <script src="hello.js"></script>
var b = new UIButton(document);
b.label = "Hello World";;
Nidium Hello World

Web Development - Revisited

Do not expect Nidium to read HTML pages or to compete with any existing browser like Chrome or Firefox. Instead, expect a brand new solution to create and browse next-generation web applications on every platform.

  • 100% Javascript Development
  • Embedded Assets and Package Management
  • Stylesheet and Layout Management
  • Native Portable Applications
  • Dynamic Markup Language
  • Thread and Worker API
  • Support of asm.js
  • UDP and TCP Sockets - Client and Server
  • File and Stream API
  • Webcam, Video and WebGL API
  • and much more ...

Graphic Rendering - Refined

Today, the bulk of our time is spent trying to make webapps look like native desktop applications. Web architects have to build more and more JS and CSS frameworks to make application development a much simpler task.

Nidium comes with Native Framework, the operating system that powers Nidium Engine. It’s designed to deliver the most intuitive experience in application development.

  • Advanced Layer Management
  • Compositing and Layout Engine
  • Immediate Mode mixed with Retained Mode
  • Native Embedded Javascript Framework
  • Plugins and Modular UI Components
  • Canvas 2D Context API (W3C compliant)
  • Canvas 3D Context API (WebGL)
  • Post Processing GLSL Fragment Shaders
  • OpenGL Backend - Pixel Perfect Rendering

Web Audio - Taken To The Next Level

By working closely with famous audio engineers and top companies such as IRCAM, M-Audio, Yamaha and Suzuki, Nidium founders have acquired extensive background in the making of digital signal processors and industrial audio softwares.

As a result, one of the best things about Nidium is the audio part. It's smooth, simply beautiful, and everything was handcrafted with passion for the most demanding audio professionals.

Nidium DSP

Codename NativeDSP™

  • Cutting Edge Audio Processor
  • Realtime FX and Filters
  • Threaded Javascript API
  • Advanced Routing System
  • Plugins and Modular Architecture
  • Zero Latency 64bit Processing
  • 96KHz Studio Grade Quality
  • Up to 512 audio track mixing


In response to the comments on HN, here is more information :

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